, a reliable source for bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearing , elastomeric bearings,  ptfe teflon sliding bearings, steel pot bearing, mechanical steel bridge bearings  sliding bearing ptfe Teflon  pipe supports, rubber modular elastomer expansion joint, rubber gaskets is established from 1999 in United Arab Emirates Dubai UAE with ISO certification for design and manufacturing offer products commonly known as bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel mechanical bearing, pot bearing, guided mechanical bearing in neoprene, for  bridge building bearing applications replacement  manufacturer manufacturers design designing types supplier installation
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Bridge Bearings

A wide range of bearing types are manufactured by at our facility in Polymet Industries LLC - RAK - UAE selection of appropriate type with specification for  vertical forces  resistance  and displacements is  key responsibility of  structural designer. Clear communication for requirements of neoprene bearings and installation procedure is essential for proper functioning of structure and for avoidance of unanticipated maintenance issues and choosing correct polymer which includes neoprene and natural rubber.
Types of structural – bridge and building Bearings offered.
Laminated elastomeric bridge bearings
Elastomeric bearings normally consist of a number of rubber layers separated by steel plates  normally molded  in pads or strips and are ideally suited for small structures to accommodate movements by deformation shear and rotations. Elastomeric bearings provide an excellent economic solution for applications where structure movements, longitudinal, transverse and rotational are small, provide vibration isolation and are generally simple to install. Neoprene rubber laminated Elastomeric bearings are relatively maintenance free but will degrade over time and require replacement. 
Plain and laminated neoprene elastomeric bearings are manufactured by  both in neoprene and natural rubber compounds confirming to AASHTO/ BS/EN /DIN standards. Bridge bearings and bridge bearing pads are manufactured in neoprene rubber compounds,.. unless otherwise specified for natural rubber compound. Our specialization is always in neoprene compound and bridge bearings, elastomeric, pads, high damping neoprene rubber bearings are manufactured from our  years  of experience, and with support from our technical partners for all requirements of neoprene bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel bearing, pot bearing, guided bearing, for all bridge and building bearing applications.
Steel Pot bearings.
Elastomeric steel pot bearing consists of a confined neoprene elastomeric disk  within a short cylinder (pot). Vertical load is applied through a close fitting steel ‘piston’. This puts neoprene elastomer bearing pad  under high pressure from vertical load, making it behave like a viscous liquid, meanwhile permitting rotation in any direction with very little resistance.
Steel Elastomeric pot bearing with multi-directional sliding part.
A sliding surface can be included to accommodate translation movement, in any direction or constrained by guides. Rotations and translations, as well as  loads carried, can be greater than for elastomeric bearings.
Ptfe- Teflon sliding bearings.
ptfe - TEFLON  dimpled and plain sheets are used as sliding top surface on top of laminated elastomeric bearings, Such laminated ptfeTeflon sliding bearing in combination with separate SS 316 Grade Stainless Steel mirror finished surface as sliding top plate provides excellent smooth sliding. ptfe TEFLON sheets will be to AASHTO / BS / DIN / En 1337-2 specifications. - Polymet Industries LLC is first manufacturing facility  in Middle East United Arab Emirates to have facility to fabricate   ptfe Teflon bonding to steel and rubber, there by high cost of import and time delay can be avoided. Ptfe sliding bearings and Strips in neoprene .Ptfe Sliding bearing pads and strips are offered  for lower loads and Sliding Bearings (with laminated neoprene bearing or carbon steel backing alone) for higher loads. Both ptfe Teflon sliding, Teflon Sliding bearings as well as sliding bearing pads are supplied with appropriate thickness SS 316 mirror finished plates with mild steel backing plates for low friction coefficient ptfe pipe supports.
Steel Spherical ptfe bearings
Spherical Bearings are used to accommodate and control movements created by  thermal, seismic and mechanical expansion and contraction of super structure . Spherical bearings also provide multidirectional rotation bridges, metro rails, mooring jetties  as well as  railway bridges related to civil engineering construction structures. Our Spherical Bearings consist of a concave spherical  bearing plate, a convex spherical mating plate, bolted or welded to an upper sole plate and a lower masonry plate.  Sliding surfaces consist of bonded PTFE mated to highly polished stainless steel convex surface. Spherical bearings allows to accommodate large rotations in all directions by  use of a lower spherical surface. Semi spheres normally lined with dimpled PTFE and matched to an upper stainless steel surface. These types of bearings are used on major structures, to accommodate increased deck rotations.
Steel Pot Guide bearings
Guided bearings  steel bearings are used to ensure  structure maintains at correct location or expansion/contraction path  taking vertical load. Guided  bearings are used on heavily skewed or Multsiplan structures and guided bearings normal includes commonly  known as bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel bearing, pot bearing, guided bearing, elastomeric road expansion joints  for all bridge and building  bearing applications in neoprene.
High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB) and  Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB)
HDRB High Damping Rubber Bearing   bearings are vertically stiff laminated elastomeric bearing, capable of supporting vertical gravity loads, while laterally flexible, capable of allowing large horizontal displacements. By means of its flexibility and energy absorption capability,  HDRB  rubber bearings isolation system partially reflects and partially absorbs some of earthquake input energy before energy can be transmitted to structure. Net effect is a reduction of energy dissipation demand on structural system, resulting in an increase in its serviceability resulting in significantly reductions of structural and non-structural damage through  use of HDRB rubber bearings seismic isolation which normal includes commonly known as part of bridge bearing, are mostly manufactured in natural rubber.
A lead-rubber bearing is a laminated elastomeric bearing with a lead plug down its center.Rubber/steel laminated neoprene bearing is designed to carry weight of structure and provide post-yield elasticity and lead core deforms plastically under shear deformations Lead-rubber bearing are sufficiently stiff so that vertical loads and small lateral loads can be carried without excessive deformations occurring. Indeed, for small lateral loads (e.g., less than 0.1g ground acceleration) base-isolated and fixed-base structures should exhibit very similar behavior. Size of lead plug is proportional to yield strength of isolator. The post-yielding stiffness is proportional to rubber bearing stiffness, and increases with plan size of rubber bearing and reductions in  isolator height. During severe seismic attacks, however, lead plug is capable of deforming through many low-cycle plastic deformations without a loss of strength occurring.
Ptfe Teflon pipe supports.
As pipe supports, PTFE Slide Bearings are superior to conventional expansion plates, rollers and rocker arm type supports. Ptfe Teflon pipe supports, accommodate expansion, contraction and other reciprocating motions of any structure that moves as a result of thermal expansion, Seismic or differential forces. Laminated Bearings for pipe support applications must operate at high loads and low speeds, and under these both conditions  self-lubricating properties of PTFE are exposed to maximum. 
Bridge elastomeric expansion joint.
Bridge expansion joints allow smooth continuous traffic between adjacent sides of  bridge deck joint, permitting relative translation as well as  rotation of bridge deck.    Rubber bridge  expansion joints designed and manufactured by  allows structures to  accommodate movement, created by shrinkage, temperature variations on reinforced or  pre-stressed concrete, composite and steel structures. Modular bridge expansion joint offered  stops bridge deck from bending out of place in extreme conditions allowing enough vertical movement to permit bearing replacement without the need to dismantle the bridge expansion joint. MODULAR  rubber expansion joints allows movement from 30 to 500 mm  and  are used when movements of  bridge exceeds  capacity of single gap joint or  finger type joint. Watertight modular system manufactured by Polymet Industries LLC can be tailored to satisfy specific requirements of any type of bridge deck system.
MODULAR multiple-gap expansion joints are offered  to accommodate movements and rotation  about every axis.. Watertight Modular elastomeric profiles, controls and regulates surface beam movements. Drainage of modular expansion rubber joint is connected to drainage system of bridge deck preventing spillage through bridge pier . Modular elastomeric expansion joint by has features called “silent plates” on top surface,  have effect on acoustic control from high speed  over-passing traffic.
Warranty on Laminated Elastomeric bearings.
Bridge bearing parts commonly known as bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel bearing, pot bearing, guided bearing, for all bridge bearing applications are offered by us and our warranty  will be as following :-Though Neoprene Rubber , Natural Rubber and ptfe PTFE- Teflon has been known to be non-bio-degradable over last 60 years, a warranty is given for limited years for Laminated Elastomeric Bearings./ Pot Bearings /ptfe Teflon sliding bearings manufactured and supplied by us provided these Bearings are chosen for appropriate load /movement and utmost care is taken during  time of installation on placement.
Bearings designed/ manufactured and supplied by us are based on Technical Information on Vertical Load, horizontal movements, horizontal load, etc provided by Client, Consultant, Bridge Designer. Any variations to above forces, movements in excessive to a higher value during time of installation as well as service, can damage these bearings permanently and such damages does not cover our warranty and will not be responsible for any other financial loses caused by such damage.
Installation of Bearings
Our Engineering team will provide you with complete assistance for installation of  bridge bearing parts commonly known as bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel bearing, pot bearing, guided bearing, elastomeric road expansion joints  for all bridge bearing applications.
Other rubber products manufactured by us.
Addition to neoprene bridge bearing, bearing pads, laminated elastomeric bearing, elastomeric bearing,.. molded rubber products, ptfe Teflon sliding, neoprene ptfe Teflon sliding, ptfe Teflon pipe supports, molded rubber products, rubber gaskets, and rubber marine fenders. tire retreading equipment ptfe Teflon sliding molded rubber products, molded rubber, shock absorber mountings, elastomeric road expansion joints  molded rubber products etc.
Quality assurance.
Ours is  first laminated bearing manufacturing facility in Middle East established from 1999 to have an in-house bearing testing facility to carry out tests confirming to AASHTO /EN specification in accordance with Acceptance Testing on either Level I or Level II as well as Short/Long-Duration Compression Test. All kind of bearings  to Vertical load of 10000 kN with horizontal shear load up to 1400 kN and movement up to 100 mm can be tested. In house facility to test neoprene physical properties including Ozone resistance. Under one roof with stringent quality control, ISO certification with technical and marketing support from Technical Partners neoprene bridge bearings, ptfe pipe supports, laminate elastomeric bearings, bearing pads, pot bearings, PTFE sliding bearings  are manufactured  to AASHTO / BS / DIN specifications.
This web site carry a wealth of information on bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel bearing, pot bearing, guided bearing, elastomeric road expansion joints  for all bridge bearing applications and general information which are updated quite often. We hope you will find our site very informative and will contact us fo further details and inquires.
Above information is from, a reliable source for bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearing , elastomeric bearings, ptfe teflon sliding bearings, steel pot bearing, mechanical steel bridge bearings  sliding bearing ptfe Teflon  pipe supports, is established from 1999 with ISO certifications in United Arab Emirates UAE Dubai with three manufacturing facility, offers bridge and structural bearings for buildings and bridges, and these bearings are manufacture in UAE  which means all your requirement for bridge and structure constructions bearing system can get manufactured from UAE Dubai ras al Khaima.
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