, a reliable source for bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearing , elastomeric bearings,  ptfe teflon sliding bearings, steel pot bearing, mechanical steel bridge bearings  sliding bearing ptfe Teflon  pipe supports, rubber modular elastomer expansion joint, rubber gaskets is established from 1999 in United Arab Emirates Dubai UAE with ISO certification for design and manufacturing offer products commonly known as bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel mechanical bearing, pot bearing, guided mechanical bearing in neoprene, for  bridge building bearing applications replacement  manufacturer manufacturers design designing types supplier installation

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A reliable single source for rubber products established in UAE form 1999 with ISO certification for designing and manufacturing of bridge bearings and other related rubber molded products  including molded rubber products, rubber, rubber products, rubber sheets, molded rubber products, extruded rubber products, molded products, rubber fender, rubber pads, rubber moldings, expansion joints, shock absorber mountings, molded rubber products, rubber sheets and laminated elastomeric bearing.
Molded rubber products or components manufactured and supplied by us includes: neoprene bridge bearing, bearing pads, laminated elastomeric bearing, elastomeric bearing, bearing pads, molded rubber products, neoprene bridge bearings  rubber, molded rubber products rubber gasket, neoprene gasket and rubber marine fender, rubber sheets, molded rubber products and extruded rubber products.
List of rubber products ( not limited to):
i. Bridge Bearings
ii. Molded Rubber Products
iii. Extruded Rubber Products
iv. Vulcanized Rubber Sheets
v. Dock Fender
vi. Rubber Gasket
vii. Rubber Linings
Under one roof with stringent quality control we manufacture molded rubber products, rubber fenders, marine rubber parts, rubber mountings, rubber pads, expansion joints, shock absorber mountings, rubber sheets, laminated bridge bearings, laminated elastomeric bearings, pot bearings ,PTFE sliding bearing, molded and extruded rubber profiles, products in the Middle East.
We handle a wide range of Polymer and the lists includes ( but not limited to ):

i. Neoprene-polychloroprene Rubber
ii. Styrene-Butadiene Rubber
iii. E P D M.
iv. Natural Rubber
v. Ethylene-Propylene Rubber.
vi. Nitrile Rubber
vii. Flurocarbon Rubber
viii. Polyurethane Rubber
ix. Silicon Rubbers.
Please browse through our web site for more information and contact us for further details and inquires for neoprene bridge bearings, bridge bearing, bearing pads, laminated elastomeric bearings, molded rubber products molded rubber, rubber products.
Our quality assurance is our full-fledged in- house laboratory where following tests are carried out meeting ASTM standards. Following tests are conducted in house laboratory on rubber compounds.

i. Specific gravity
ii. Shore A Hardness
iii. Compression 
iv. Tensile strength
v. Elongation at break
vi. Tear 
vii. Metal to rubber bonding – peel strength is the only facility in whole of Middle East to have following testing facility on rubber compound and end product. Without these testing facility,  manufacturing of any type of bridge bearing process is complete and does not comply to AASHTO LRFD BS EN1337-3-2006 DIN 4141 or any other related code which clearly layout in house testing mandatory requirements.
Ozone chamber for testing ozone attack on rubber.
Vertical load testing on bridge bearings – 10,000 kN
Lateral shear load testing on bridge bearings -1400 kN
Quality assurance.
Ours is  first laminated bearing manufacturing facility in Middle East established from 1999 with ISO certification for designing and manufacturing of bridge bearings and other related rubber molded products with in-house bearing testing facility to carry out tests confirming to AASHTO /EN specification. Under one roof with stringent quality control, ISO certification with technical and marketing support from Technical Partners neoprene bridge bearings, ptfe pipe supports, laminate elastomeric bearings, bearing pads, pot bearings, PTFE sliding bearings  are manufactured  to AASHTO / BS / DIN specifications.