, a reliable source for bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearing , elastomeric bearings,  ptfe teflon sliding bearings, steel pot bearing, mechanical steel bridge bearings  sliding bearing ptfe Teflon  pipe supports, rubber modular elastomer expansion joint, rubber gaskets is established from 1999 in United Arab Emirates Dubai UAE with ISO certification for design and manufacturing offer products commonly known as bridge bearing, neoprene bridge bearings rubber bearing, steel mechanical bearing, pot bearing, guided mechanical bearing in neoprene, for  bridge building bearing applications replacement  manufacturer manufacturers design designing types supplier installation
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Spherical Bearings

Spherical steel bearings offered by consists of a  top plate, convex middle plate concave base plate , where convex middle plate and two PTFE plates of different composition where co


Rubber Gaskets reliable manufacturer  from UAE of high quality rubber gaskets, seals, and custom rubber products offers effective designing and manufacturing solutions for rubber gaskets meet


Laminated elastomeric bridge bearings

Elastomeric bearings normally consist of a number of rubber layers separated by steel plates normally molded  in pads or strips and are ideally suited for small structures to accommodate movement


AASHTO LRFD & BS EN 1337-3-2006

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is a standards setting body which publishes specifications, test protocols and guidelines which are used in highway desi


Base Isolation Details

Building structural design has taken a considerable change over the last decade. The sizes of spans have grown bigger, difference of internal and external temperature has become greater and global war


Pot Bearings

Steel Pot Bearing offered by manufacture from UAE Dubai are  best suitable in a bridge or complex structure   at locations where availability of  low  space  an


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