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Dubai Metro ( from Wikipedia)

Dubai Metro
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  The Dubai Metro (in Arabic: مترو دبي) is a driverless, fully automated metro rail network in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. The Red Line and Green Line are operational, with three further lines planned. These first two lines run underground in the city centre and on elevated viaducts elsewhere (elevated railway).[3] All trains and stations are air conditioned with platform edge doors to make this possible.

  The first section of the Red Line, covering 10 stations, was ceremonially inaugurated at 9:09:09 pm on 9 September 2009, by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai,[4] with the line opening to the public at 6 am (UTC 4:00) on 10 September.[5] The Dubai Metro is the first urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula[6] and either the second in the Arab World (after the Cairo Metro) or the third (if the surface-level, limited-service Baghdad Metro is counted). More than 110,000 people, which is nearly 10 per cent of Dubai’s population, used the Metro in its first two days of operation.[7] The Dubai Metro carried 10 million passengers from launch on 9 September 2009 to 9 February 2010 with 11 stations operational on the Red Line.[8] Engineering consultancy Atkins provided full multidisciplinary design and management of the civil works on Dubai Metro. Architecture firm Aedas were the architect who designed for Dubai system's 45 stations, two depots and operational control centres.[9] The construction of the Dubai Metro was undertaken by Al Ghurair Investment group.[10]

 A major expansion of the Red Line to add 15 kilometres of track and extend it from Ibn Battuta to the Expo 2020 site was announced in April 2015.[11]

 Guinness World Records has declared Dubai Metro to be the world's longest fully automated metro network with a route length of 75 kilometres (47 mi).[12]

 According to statement by Adnan Al Hammadi, Chief Executive of the Rail Agency and Transport Authority, Dubai Metro transported 33.3 million people in Q1 of 2013, a significant increase, compared to the same period of the previous year.[13]

 The Dubai Metro is first Metro services in Middle east, in United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. A  fully automated and driverless  metro rail network operational from 2009. Some lines run underground in  city Centre and on elevated viaducts elsewhere (elevated railway). All stations and trains are air conditioned to meet high summer heat of Middle East.

 Engineering consultancy Atkins provided total multidisciplinary design and management of civil works  and Architecture firm Aedas  designed architecture  for Dubai Metro’s  stations, two depots and operational control center. Construction of  Dubai Metro was undertaken by Japan Turkey Metro JV (JT Metro)  and  Al Ghurair Investment group managed investments .

 Dubai Metro has been declared by Guinness World Records as world’s longest fully automated Metro Network.

Involvement of in Dubai Metro is proud to be associated with Dubai Metro and was involved in design, manufacturing and testing of elastomeric bearings used in Dubai Metro. 35% of Laminated Elastomeric Bearings used in Dubai Metro was supplied by, our in-house facility was used by JT Metro JV for testing of bearings, its functionality and its accessories. Different sizes of Laminated Elastomeric bearings  - Type C EN 1337  - used for Dubai Metro elevated viaducts was developed by for initial testing and type testing, where it was proven through tests to give friction coefficient > 0.5  -  precondition of designers. -between concrete surface  and bearings, which never could have been achieved with elastomeric bearings.

  After 7 years of installation of 1st set of elastomeric bearings supplied by all > 2000 bearings and functioning properly , with our any complaints from the current maintenance team of Dubai Metro under RTA . Non of these elastomeric bearings supplied by has been replaced so far.

 Being first laminated bearing manufacturing facility in Middle East established from 1999 to have an in-house bearing testing facility to carry out tests confirming to AASHTO /EN specification. Under one roof with stringent quality control, ISO certification for  design manufacturing and testing  with technical and marketing support from Technical Partners we were able to attain such a state in quality assurances.

 Rizzani de Eccher, in a Joint Venture with VSL and Freyssinet, undertook the contract for construction of  viaduct and all launching bearings for  launching girder  was manufactured and supplied by , saving a cost reduction over 60% to initial budgeted number of laminated elastomeric bearings accounted for using in  launching.

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