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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Apparently you reached www.pretread.com by Searching through one of the many Search Engines on Internet using key words, for example, like neoprene bridge bearing, rubber products, rubber fender etc, later directed to this page.

Wondering how could it happen with pretread.com, and if higher search engine placement could be achieved for www.pretread.com why not Keyword Ranking and a Top 10 Search Engine Positioning for our own web site ?

How can Top 10 Search Engine Positioning, Keyword Ranking, Search Engine Optimization, Increased Website Traffic can be effective to increase your Global business?

The fact is though much is spoken and written on Web Site designing,Java,Flash, HTML, DHTML etc,- but not much on how to get found on Search Engines, through Search Engine Optimization, higher Keyword Ranking. Or Top 10 Search Engine Positioning, by Web Site Ranking, using meta keywords, meta tags, for a higher search engine position or even how to Increase Website Traffic, with guaranteed Top Position etc. Those are a bit of confusion for a Senior Marketing Executive or a Small Business Owner.

The www World Wide Web has made Global sourcing of products and services easy, all required information is available on your finger tips !!! through these Search Engines.

If information is available by Searching with Key words on the Search Engines how can we place our key words - the most important words - used by our customers and get our web site found on Search Engine Position. ?

Yes,Search Engine Marketing through proper Web Site Promotion is currently the most cost effective method for Global exposure. Millions of Searchers are on internet, hundreds potential future would be customers day and night Searching for products. Your web site will not be found on Search Results in any Major Search Engine's unless Search Engine Optimization with proper generated key words.

You can try it out yourself. We have given a list of all the major Search Engines, click on to one and try to search with most important keywords on your site.

The results could be devastating.

Not Found on the first few pages !!!

Here we explain on Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Ranking, and Search Engine Positioning, it terms for you to draw strategy and use this much cost effective internet to increase your business Globally by Web Site marketing or Search Engine Marketing.

Obviously first thing is to have your own domain name and to create a web site.

Once domain name is registered, the first procedure will be to identify and generate keywords.These key words will be, the most important and often used words and phrases in your business - by your customers. As keywords plays a greater roll in improving search engine placement over search engine position, to generate keywords, a list of possible words or combinations that can be possibly used by a potential customer have to be identified and such generated key words have to be used into title tags, meta keywords, description tags and through out the body of web site.

Yes now you have a web site with carefully generated key words, properly used in title tags, meta key word tags, description tags and all over the body.

Now site has to be submitted to all major search engine like, Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista. Also regular checking of Keyword Ranking,Ranking Optimization, and search engine placement with each key words used is a must. High search engine ranking of web site is the target,for internet marketing.

Let your business be a product, concept or service, Search Engine Marketing through proper Web Site Promotion and Search Engine Optimization of your web site,will increase web traffic to your site.

List of Search Engines where your site should be found:

Altavista,AOL,AskJeeves,Excite,Fast Search/All The Web Google,HotBot,Infoseek,IWon,Looksmart,Lycos,MagellanMetaCrawlerMSN,Northern Light,WhatUseek,WebcrawlerSnap, StopDog, Yahoo

Now that you have realized that this in not that easy and it is a long way to go.

"For the technically inclined, there are numerous places on the web to get detailed, in-depth information on how to properly optimize a web site for the best possible search engine rankings. However, many people don't care about the technical aspects of search engine optimization- they just want to have a web site. Very few want to know what is wrong with their site (and how to fix it). Why do not leave these with Professionals?"

At WebWiz, we undertake Website designing, and Search Engine Optimization. By properly generated key words, high Keyword Ranking is achieved to get your site found on Search Engines. With these Keyword Ranking, Top 10 Search Engine Positioning is guaranteed for your website. Your site will be found on first page, on all major Search Engines, and will Increase Website Traffic for your site.

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